The Botanist by Caragh Nurseries, while a long time resident on the nursery, is a new adventure for us to give the brand its own identity. The idea was formed when on the hunt for good quality interior plants for our own home and office resulted in very little options, we had the expertise and understood from regular requests that our clients were having similar frustrations to find the size and quality of plants they were looking for.

Having made our mark with mature specimen trees, hedging and plants, it was a natural progression,  with our expertise and love of  horticulture for us too make our way indoors too.

Focusing on plants for styling homes, businesses, hotels & restaurants, the Botanist by Caragh Nurseries is here to make your interior beautiful too.

Starting with a select line of our favourite houseplants, we aim to provide plants for your home and office space that will not only look beautiful but will enhance and work with your lifestyle too.

We understand from years of experience in the nursery industry our customers needs and commitment to care will be different, so let us be the experts and guide you.

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